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Harry & Hetty

I live with my husband and three cats in a small Canadian city where winter never ends, thus affording me ample time for dreaming up stories.

Tea is my magic elixir, and I spend too much time quilting and painting when I should be busy with domestic science (also known as housework).


You can see my cats & quilts under 'More'.

I worked for many years in a bookstore in Canada, and most of my wages went on acquiring as many books as possible. I have a BA in English Literature and Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal.


To date, I've co-authored four books with P.J. Merchant, and we are working on a fifth book, to be released in 2024.


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I also work occasionally as a graphic designer & illustrator and have worked designing theatre sets for G & S Operettas, among other plays. 

Under my real name, Joy Tremblay, I designed the books covers for the Tales from Taihandria series.

Personal things about me: I was a daydreamer in school, spinning stories and adventures in my head when I should have been paying attention to maths, thus I'm woeful with numbers (and cooking) but a dab hand with pen and paper, a sewing machine, or a paintbrush. 

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