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Daram--a great read!

"Music and magic, the stuff of a great novel! This book is wonderful! The detail in the story line, the characters and the setting all make for a fantastic fantasy read! ... I couldn't put it down and I didn't want it to end. I can't wait for book 2!"

A rich, complex and satisfying fantasy read

"This was always going to capture my interest, with its lovely premise of an alternative universe in which music is - literally - the stuff of magic!"

Gina Bearne, Amazon review
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 Amazon review
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An amazing read

"I was so into the book that I took it everywhere including the bath tub and on one occasion the story line went in an unexpected direction that I went 'are you kidding me' and dropped the book in the tub - can't wait till the second book comes out, for me it is a page turner."

Amazon review

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Book Two

Book Three
Book Four
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A slow burn romance...

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Music that is magic -- and dangerous...

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Join the band, feel the magic, and rewrite the story of Arethea!

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